Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sugar City Village Frock

The pattern is from a blog Sugar City. I started it before the holidays and then put it away to become a UFO. I got it out about a week ago and did not read through the instructions again. I ended up sewing the sleeves on for the neck gathering and then had to take them off of course, and that was a days sewing wasted. I added a hem facing instead of just turning up the corduroy and I really like the way that it turned out.

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lisa ridgeon said...

Hi! Thanks for popping by and saying hi! I'm pleased you like my felt goodies. Luckilly i have 2 sons who devour the real goodies before i get chance to over indulge!

I love your smocking, it reminds me of dresses i had as a child. I've had frustrating sewing days too. I once did a sewing project on my lap and stitched it to my trouser leg!