Monday, July 14, 2008

Narrow Hem Foot

The work continues on GIDGET, AS&E #62. I neglected most of the house work to make some real progress with my sewing. I thought I was doing so well until I realized that I made the two back panels identical. To correct my error I had to rip out the two rows of gather stitches, iron the panel out flat and then redo it correctly.

It is amazing the amount of fabric that goes into a dress like this. I used my 5mm narrow hem foot to finish both sides of the hem frill. For this amount of fabric I can't imagine how to do it other wise. The sewing imp was about and I ran out of bobbin thread at a bad time! I also learned that I needed to clip the corners of the seems in order for the fabric to get through the foot. From necessity I learned if that it is not too hard to take out a small section, iron and fold the fabric correctly, and then sew a straight stitch again. I also got practice on putting the fabric back into the foot to continue sewing.

After using the foot I went to the Viking web site to get the English instructions on how to use the foot.

5 mm Narrow Hem Foot

411 85 17-45

Stitch a narrow hem in medium weight fabrics. Suitable for napkin edges, curtains, ruffles. Straight stitch, length 2.5 to 3 (Can be used with decorative stitches) Snap on foot.

Stitch a narrow hem in very lightweight fabrics such as silk scarves, batiste napkins, shirt hems, ruffles and lingerie.
Straight stitch, length 2. Snap on Narrow Hem Foot.
1. Press a double hem (the width of the tunnel on the underside of the foot) in the first inch of the hem.
2. Place under the presser foot and stitch several stitches along the edge of the hem. 3. Stop with the needle in the fabric, raise the presser foot and pull the fabric edge up into the scroll/guide on the foot.
Lower the presser foot, continue to sew. Do not help the fabric edge to roll, simply hold it vertically.

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